Was PSD to HTML a Good Idea for Front-End Development?

While developing anything we need to see timely how the product is being developed so it is definitely a good idea to integrate PSD to HTML for front-end development. There are many technologies which are just created for this specific purpose for the conversion of the PSD file to HTML. It is the most affordable and economical way of having a dynamic website. So the company favoring the development of the PSD file then converting it to HTML can achieve huge revenue. So the conversion of PSD to HTML was adopted by most of the development agencies in 2018.

Now let us see what are these PSD and HTML files are. PSD is the Photoshop file which contains all the editable formats and can only be edited in Photoshop. HTML is basically a programming language which is used to create the websites. Html alone is not enough to make a website stand it requires CSS for the designing part where HTML only gives the skeleton of the website. For designers, the proper development is the very important aspect of the overall website. So the PSD file is converted into the HTML/CSS file. One thing should also be noticed while we are developing anything using HTML and CSS it’s totally imaginary can only be examined after development on other in Photoshop the whole thing can be seen as a step by step process.

Working in the HTML and CSS is the hectic and tedious process so better to use Photoshop and edit them.

The Major Reason for Using PSD over the HTML is:

  • Limited gadgets-

While the development of the websites the web was not accessible to all devices like mobiles, the use of Photoshop for designing was preferred so as to make the things available for all the devices.

  • Image assets-

The editing required on the images are the most important aspects as making an image edit on the HTML is very difficult as we have to imagine the things and then do the work.

So these are the Advantages of Converting PSD to HTML:

  • SEO friendly

Search Engine Optimization is a way of improving the way of engagement to most of the users on the web. To make a website rank is the most effective aspect it includes the tags, keywords etc. While we are developing a PSD file and converting them unlike HTML it doesn’t require any refinement it includes all the things requires and hence making the website SEO friendly after the conversion and is preferred in the industry.

  • W3C compliant

While we are converting any PSD file to HTML it should maintain certain norms and it really follows those norms. W3C validation requires the HTML languages only so after the conversion the PSD being fully HTML is very good for the developer point of view. The norms are followed; the development is done so the result is also achieved.

  • More traffic

One should always note that the traffic can only be increased on the website if the content is eye-catching. So while one is developing a website layout and the designing of the Photoshop and then converting it one thing is understood that the end result will be great. So as the result is as expected the user engagement will be more. The PSD is converted into codes by the machine so there will be no problem with the codes. So the code in HTML will be machine understandable and increase the traffic gradually.

  • Cross-browser compatibility

The browser only understands the HTML codes. So if the website is developed in any language and when it is uploaded to the server it is converted in HTML when seen by the browser. That is done on the server only. So as the PSD file will be converted into HTML any browser will be able to read and understand the code. All browsers can display the contents as expected.

  • More Leads

The conversion of the PSD file to HTML is easily understood by the Google and hence helps to increase the ranking of the website. As the ranking of the website increases the website will be easily in the top results of the Google page. Being in the top results of the Google the website can be easily be accessed by more and more people and increase the total no of leads of the people.

  • Easy integration

The conversion of the file is quite easy and when the file is converted it adds the functionality to the PSD files. So the results that are expected are easily achieved and understood.

Hence we can say that the use of the PSD to HTML conversion is a smart step to improve the development as well as the user engagement. With this many person with less knowledge can incorporate into the development part.

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