10 Best Salon Scheduling Software For 2018

With the increase in people’s interest in living a life full of style, fashion, and good health, there has been a quick increase in the number of salons that have come up. There used to be a time when good-looks, skin, and hair treatments were perceived as the thing of the opulence and were only meant to be for rich and affluent.

However, this notion has taken a different turn now. With the betterment of education and living standards of people, taking care of one’s looks and the body has become a regular stuff and even need. People of all class and standard are aware of these things and visit spas and salons on a regular basis.

With hype in such practices, a number of salons have come up and so is the requirement of managing services in these spas. Even after hiring professionals, it becomes difficult to cater to the salon management services in a full-fledged manner and here the software for salon management comes into play. They do not have human error and applying them to keep records of goods and services in the salon becomes less tiresome and time-consuming. This software saves a lot of paper too. In this narrative, we will introduce you 10 best such software so that you can choose one for yourself. Read below!

1. eLite Spa

This is a software which entirely manages scheduling, appointments, billing, customer management etc. The efficiency of your business will definitely increase as this software has simple contents and options which keeps the filling and managing process easy. Despite the easy interphase, the security of this platform is high and no one from outside can hack or break the password by any means. If you want to keep your management simple yet effective, this software is just for you.

2. SalonLite

This is a platform which is designed in a manner to cater to the needs of small as well as chain based business services. With a considerable number of users, it has marked itself as the preferred choice of spa and salon managers. With features like displaying rewards and points for customers on a priority basis, commission issues, pricing and lot more, this software makes your salon management free of chaos.

3. Humanity

Humanity is one of the most popular names in the space of salon management software. It has many business solutions for beauty industries and includes features like product management, real-time appointment information, calendar management etc. What makes this platform so popular is that the software has an easy interphase and so there is no complication in handling the features this platform has.

4. Rosy

Rosy stands tall among salon management software which provides highest customized options.  Features are fascinating here. For instance, the inventory management tells you if you run low on products, appointment confirmation texts the staff so that they remain updated with the appointments of the clients, smartphone, and tablet access helps the owner and staff to view the information using mobile phone and tablets etc. There are other services as well, but the aforementioned are the ones which have given most satisfaction to the users.

5. MyTime

MyTime is famous as a calendar manager. However, it is more than that. The staff can approach the customers and so this platform works as a place to increase communication and also a customer base. The services that MyTime includes are scheduling, pricing, backup’s plans, advertising, booking and lot more. This is a simple place for salon management and is inclusive of all basic services that software for salon management requires.

6. Salon Iris

This is the software which is supported by Windows OS app, Windows 7 and other high OS. You can call it one-stop software to support all needs of your salon/spa management. The services it offers are Automatic e-mail, scheduling, purchase records, e-mail marketing, Sales packages and also check-in management. There are some sub-categories and customized services as well which are included in this software. It makes the management simple and helps the owner to run salon in a smooth manner with a correct way of management.

7. Vagaro

Vagaro offers many facilities. It offers business solutions, fitness management and more. Keeping in mind salon services, it offers management and services like payroll management, accounting, inventory management and client database. It is a cloud-based platform and helps to provide complete managing services for your salon.

8. Booker

Booker is another name which is considered among best software for salon management software. Its marketing network has been ranked among best in this space. With all the necessary services in the filed like customer acquisition, retention, and end-to-end solutions, the pricing schemes are very effective. Booker has also stood among top 3 software salon service in 2017 according to many researchers.

9. Insight

Insight has a wide range of features for users. Some of them include staff performance tracking, automatic notifications (both text and e-mail), customer management and engagement, online payment processing, reporting tools and several others. The interphase is easy to use. It also has a feature which is used to track the special occasion of the clients.

10. HD Salon

It is actually POS software which helps in managing bills, stock, and accounts. It offers calendar interface where you can manage the bookings and customize them. Inventory services and other essential services like bookings, staff performance is also offered on this platform. The platform gives access to 30 days free trial so the users can get a good understanding of the software before actually opting for it.

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