Top 10 Magento Plugins For E-commerce Site

Magento as an e-commerce web application development platform has continued to help online businessmen make more out of their businesses. It has provided and is still providing more opportunities for e-commerce business owners.

Yes, Instagram seems to be good, but with these top 10 Magento plugins for e-commerce sites here, you will be confused to leave Instagram for Magento. Enabling both large scale and small scale businesses do more with less effort, Magento through providing a long amazing list of plugins for your e-commerce sites is now the leading e-commerce platform out there today.

So, you have been running an online shop with this platform and you want to get the best out of it, you should read this write-up carefully as its focus on the best and not just the top 10 Magento plugins for an e-commerce site. The extensions have been chosen by me after going through many of the extensions we have on Magento. These plugins have not only found to be the best but also have been used by many online business owners who have been using the Magento e-commerce store and have got a lot of benefits from these plugins. And that is why I have got them here for you too, if you want to run one of the best online shops, or you want to make the best out of your shop.

So here are the top 10 Magento plugins for e-commerce site:

  • Font is SecurePay

This is the first on my list, security. Customers like to shop from a reliable shop; they don’t want to burn their cash for anything. They want a safe and secure transaction, and that is what you should give them as an online marketer.

With FontisSecurePay, payments are secured with the use of secure XML gateway. Your customers rest assured that a safe transaction is always going to take place between you and them.

  • Price Slider Daffodil

Now that your customers are rest assured that their money is safe, it is time to get to the next step; making searching easy.

Price Slider Daffodil is another Magento plugin that you need to create a good online shop. Customers will be able to search and find the product they need without stress with this plugin.  It allows your customers to specify the range of the price of each product they want to add to their cart.

You have just made shopping easy for them.

  • Magic Zoom

Online marketing is not different from what we do in real markets. And that is what I have always been telling every online marketer. The main key to getting your customers stay with you is by giving them the best satisfaction. An economist once said that consumers repay good marketers by patronizing them again and again.

The Magic Zoom is another important plugin you must have; as it allows your customers to see each product in different sizes by zooming in. this is another way of taking care of your customers.

  • SERP Editor

I know you want more customers; this is why SERP Editor is on my list. What does it do?

The SERP Editor is the plugin you need, which assumes the function of improving your SEO ranking on search engines, by allowing you to create, edit and manage SEO friendly contents.

It is important to know that the key to driving more traffic to your site is your contents. The web crawler picks your posts every time once they are SEO friendly.And the SERP Editor allows you to do just that.

  • Yotpo Product Reviews

You will want to have good product reviews on each product, which will not only provide the buyer the basic information about the product but also attract them to buy from you.

With Yotpo, you will be able to create positive reviews on each product. This is just another essential plugin.

  • Video and Content TESTIMONIALS

Alright, you have the best contents plus positive reviews, what about the testimonials?

The Video and content testimonials is another Magento plugin you should have. With it, customers can share their testimonies and thoughts through YouTube videos and pictures too.  And not only that, you are in control of which videos you want to approve to appear and which one you don’t want.

  • Zopim Live Chat

You will want to keep your customers glued to your site; this is achieved by always being there for them “be available all the time“.

Trust me, you are not the only shop online, and once you are not available to respond to visitors, they will move somewhere else to buy. With Zopim Live Chat, you can immediately attend and respond to your customers, you will be able to chat with them in real-time.

  • Single Sign-on for Magento and WordPress

Customers don’t like to sign in every time they want to carry out an action on your site; they prefer to just get in right away without wasting much of their time.

The Single Sign-on Magento plugin allows users to have quick access to your online shop by signing once and for all.

  • Advance News Pro

With multilingual support, friendly interface and hassle-free installation, the Advance News Pro let you give updates and news to your customers.  They need that.

  • ShipWorks

Shipping just got easier with the ShipWorks. If you want easy shipping, then this is another Magento plugin you must have.

So there you have all you need to get your shop running smoothly, don’t enjoy this alone and click on the share button to help others too. You can drop your comments in the comment box if you have any questions or any ideas to share.

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