Avoid 5 Color Schemes for Designing A Website

The things which attracts a person’s eyes, gives a soothing effect to her or his mind. Colors attract a person based on its use. Keeping this as a ‘turning point’ selection of colors makes a lot of difference, especially when it comes to designing of a Website.

As a point for discussion or rather a debate, ‘color-selection ‘concept could be discussed for an unending period. However, most of us in the debate would ‘zero it down’ to select a color which is soothing to our eyes rather than creating a ‘headache’.

Selecting The Best Colors:

Websites are the ones, which are quite a demanding when it comes to the use of the colorpalates on them. It is said that, “If you capture one’s mind, you could capture her or his soul”. When a website is opened based on the link that the viewer clicks, the search is no doubt for the information for which the website is approached, however, the first few seconds the viewer sees is the color displayed on the home page.The viewer usually gets attracted to the color, which is used on the home page. The process of using the ‘right’ colors and not ‘bright’ colors along with attempting the motto to depict and reveal the information by the website for which it is designed creates a lot of difference both for the reader and for the website. Using the right and attractive color on the main page of the website, partly and sometimes poses to be the main reason to induce the reader to stick to the site.

Here are some five tips which would help you to decide what not to do ending up yourself to realize what to do:

  • Using dark and bright colors create a dull concept. It gives the impression of the website being not very attractive. It creates an uncomfortable feeling for the person who views the website.
  • Florescent colors do not go well alone at all. Hence, it would be better to combine it with another light color or just the use of black as a combination with it would look okay. However, it should be last choice of the website developer as the color‘florescent’could be made to look good with only innovative ideas.
  • Each color has its importance. Using the colors red, green, only black, drives a kind of mourn in the minds of the viewer. These are some of the colors which would look fine when combined with colors which are a little less bright. The reason for this is anything in red denotes danger and use of green denotes acceptance.
  • Using only pure black color will not be accepted as it throws a very wrong message to the viewer as ‘something is missing’! To be safe use these separately as an outliner.
  • White color is used to indicate peace. It could be used when the background color is contrast and appealing, something like purple or indigo. With the background as yellow, white color would be definitely a wrong selection as both are light colors. Contrast always attracts, similar characteristics repel at least here in this case, where both are of light shades.

It would sound a little scientific; however, it is true that, whatever you see and feel creates a reaction in the brain. Hence, as a website developer, you have to decide not as a personal chooser of colors that you like, but as a natural aspect of the color that makes you happy while viewing.

Happy color viewing!

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