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Top 7 Lead Capture Plugins For WordPress

All entrepreneurs whose bread and butter comes from the web-based business, want to ensure that they encourage website visitors to buy their products or services, subscribe newsletters, download premium E-products, share the site posts on different social sites in maximum numbers, etc. But, the problem is that most of the people visit websites, read the

Top 10 Free WordPress Portfolio Themes for Art and Design

WordPress has been traditionally considered as an open-source content management system for blogging. However, as proven by the richness of the websites with this software, wordpress is capable of managing any kind of website, including membership sites, online stores, portfolio sites and business websites. Around eight million websites use WordPress and the count is growing

Popular Online Content Management System Platforms

If you are thinking of building your own corporate site, personal website, e-commerce site. You don’t have to spend days after giving your website project to developers and waiting for months. Creating a website is merely a few minutes work these days. All it takes is purchasing a hosting and install a Content Management System

Joomla 3.6: The Latest Major Release of Joomla

The Joomla recently introduced its latest version: Joomla 3.6. It is more advanced, more improved 3.x.series of Joomla. It introduces over 400 improvements, along with multiple features to make administration of Joomla easy. The latest version is introduced with the sole aim to provide their end users feature-rich websites with User experience improvements. Joomla 3

6 Best TIps to Improve WordPress Development Skills

WordPress is an open source technology, which is written in PHP and MySQL languages. It assists you to make great features websites. It has lots of the latest features such as Custom design services Plug-ins Templates Built-in engine analytics Widgets Multi blogging & multi user blogging Many more These amazing features of WP make it

Latest WP Tools Tuned To 2016 Design Trends

Every year WP comes out with the latest design trends, strategies and techniques. WordPress provides lots of design tools in order to keep it compatible with the new design trends. In this post, we will explain few WP tools tuned to 2016 design trends. 1. Card Layouts & Galleries Slideshows, amazing layouts and Galleries attract