Advanced Features of Highly-functional Magento Development Platform

Nowadays, business organizations are heading towards the online platform to run a professional looking eCommerce site where they can promote and sell a wide range of products and services to their targeted web customers with ease. In short, eCommerce is an effective solution that allows merchants, retailers, and businesses to boost their bottom line by setting up interactive and dynamic online shop.

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, then you need to grab the advanced trading opportunities as this will help you generate maximum profits with the limited utilization of resources. You can sell your products and services to your global customers in the most engaging way.

In order to create a quality online store, you need to hire a best magento developer for  eCommerce development platform. There are plenty of options available on the web that can help you create professional looking e-store. But when it comes to the best platform in terms of features and functionalities, Magento is the first name that comes to our mind.

Magneto is one of the most dominating Content Management Systems in the eCommerce development industry. Its advanced and powerful features and product management functions help business owners to create well-organized and beautifully designed eCommerce site in minutes. Apart from offering robust product catalogs, it also helps in providing extraordinary shopping experience. Here are some of the stunning features of Magento CMS platform that will help you set up a world’s class eCommerce site with ease.

1. Easy to create, add or edit web pages

Magento is easy-to-use CMS platform that allows site owners to create web pages according to the specific needs.

Both the web developer and the novice user can design and develop different kinds of pages without even generating a single line of code. This means you don’t need to learn any prior programming languages to create or modify your CMS pages.

WYSIWYG (What You SEE Is What You Get) feature enables you to see how the text, media, images and widget will look after embedding them to the web page like a breeze.

2. CMS Blocks

CMS Blocks look like a web page but they can’t be accessed independently. You can incorporate these blocks to the System page, CMS widget, CMS page, Product Catalog, within your site to give enhanced shopping experience to your potential customers.

3. CMS Widgets

CMS widgets let you add multiple elements on the page by making the use of special formats. You can add CMS widgets to the CMS blocks and pages with ease. With the CMS widgets, you can embed maps integrations, rotating logos, best sellers widgets to your site to give smoothing navigation experience to your web customers.

4. Magento Extensions

Magento offers a ton of extensions that can help you extend the functionality of your e-store without ever having to write a single of code. For example, you can embed contact form extension to deliver enhanced shopping experience to your customers.


Magento is an ideal eCommerce solution that can help both the large as well as small businesses to set up a reliable, functional and interactive eCommerce site without the supervision of any technical expert.

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