Top 10 Tricks to Choose the Best PSD to WordPress Theme Provider

The times have changed. Devices like android phones, tablets, and ipads are within almost everyone’s reach. The screen of each device is different and hence the way in which the websites load are different. If you have a website, it actually needs to get a responsive one as leaving any stone unturned simply means that you are not up for the competition with the world.

WordPress has become the first choice of the businessmen these days. It supports all kinds of websites. You do not need to worry about the kind of website you are about to own, from blogging to a cool interactive website, WordPress has got it all covered. To give a professional look to the website, people go for PSD to WordPress theme conversion service.

With everything spoken, it is not a very easy task to choose the right PSD to WordPress theme conversion service provider. Here are some tricks that will help you to opt for the right one:


No website is a joke. It is important that you need to think a lot before taking any decision regarding your website. You should conduct a good amount of research about the company you are going to choose. If you wish to have the good result, then you will have to sit down and do some research, using all your sources. Some points you can judge them is by seeing that whether they have worked on the similar project, the money they charge and also whether they stick to the guidelines or not.

2.Professional Coding Team

Conversion of a PSD to WordPress theme is not a child’s play. You need to be good at programming for it. During your research, you need to find a company that has a good team of coding experts. It requires years of experience to become good at it and only a few companies have experts in them. Find them.

3.Multi-browser Support

As a businessman you cannot possibly know which browser or operating system will your customer use while searching for your website. Taking prior knowledge about these things is good for the best deal. Go for the company that gives you a website supporting browsers like Mozilla, Google chrome, safari, etc. Coming to the operating system part your website should be compatible with the Oss like MAC, windows, ubuntu.

4.SEO Optimized Coding

In this era of websites the importance of SEO cannot be neglected. It has a great significance upon the rank you hold in SERP. This actually defines the ease with which your customers can find you on web browsers. The company you choose should use SEO optimized phrases in their programming.

5.Streamlined with WordPress Version

Before you choose a company you should be aware of the version of WordPress the company works upon. The version of WordPress is a very important factor to decide how attractive will your website look. Choose the company with the latest version in order to get the best website built.

6.Widget Ready Theme

You cannot get a website made that works for many years to come. You will have to customize it at some stage and you need to get prepared for it right away. Get a PSD to WordPress theme conversion service provider that gives you a widget ready theme so that you do not face any problem in future in customizing your website.

7.Maintenance Service Matters

During your research, also search for a company’s post-delivery service. Do not ever focus just on the completion of the project. The company you select should take care of your website after the delivery. The support and maintenance that your company provides should also be a factor to consider while you select a company.

8.W3C Validation

First things first, W3C validation is the promise that your website is going to load fast on various browsers. It ensures a better usability of the website and your presence in multiple browsers. A company that offers W3C validation is indeed doing its job good and indeed ensures that your customers will have a seamless experience.

9.Online Order Form

Choosing a company that facilitates an online order form is always a good idea. It has the minutest detail of everything and does not leave any room for any confusion later on. It gives a safe and secure deal.

10.Money Back Policy

Money back policy simply means that the company you are going to choose is confident in the work they do. With the money back policy in place, you will at least be assured that your money is not going anywhere until and unless the project fails on its promises.

The decision to choose a PSD to WordPress theme provider is a good idea these days. It has a great impact on the usability of the website which will benefit your pocket later. Good investment to make as a businessman.