How to Overcome Maximum Execution Time limit in WordPress Without any Fatal Error

Now a day, WordPress is one of the most popular blogging software available over the internet. It has set up websites and blogs simpler and quicker made blogging fun. Plus, it provides around 32,000 templates, which may be changed any time, without changing in the existing content of the site. Apart from this, it also provides a large number of plug-ins varieties. These are the many shortcuts you want to install to enhance the functionality of your WP website and thus reducing your work pressure.
So, do you think WordPress is a perfect system? It may never have any grave problems. However, recently, there have been complaints about an error which occurs while from WP users want to update their WordPress. It is known as ‘Fatal Error: Maximum Execution Time Exceeded’. Did you face such kind of issue? No need to worry! In this post, we have written many methods to help you in such circumstances.
It is well known fact that WP is coded in PHP language which is created for general aim and is perfect for website developers. Each PHP coded file has a limit run-time. If you increase that time limit, then you may get the ‘Maximum Execution Time Exceeded’ error.

How will we fix ‘Maximum Execution Time Exceeded’ error?

  • Use a plug-in
  • Edit your .htaccess file

.htaccess file enhances the performance of your sites and ensures its security. In order to edit your .htaccess file, you need to check this file in your WP folder and then you have to type the following command into the file.

php_value max_execution_time 300

It can be set the time limit to five minutes. Still, if you see the same error, then you must try to increase the time limit to 600 seconds and this way, you will not get the same error again.

If you don’t want to edit .htaccess file manually, then there is another way which utilizes WP plug-ins in order to deal with this matter. Plugins are provided by WordPress. Thus, a plug-in of WordPress Maximum Execution Time Exceeded may be installed in order to boost the maximum execution time limit to 300 seconds.