Useful Tips for HTML Codes: Helps you Adding Stylish Backgrounds

Web developers use HTML codes to insert an image into a website. It can be either a background image or a foreground one. If you want to enhance the beauty of your website, you can embed a beautiful and visually appealing image into your website via HTML codes.

In this blog post, we will share some useful tips of HTML codes that you can use to create an inviting and attracting blog or website.

1. Create a Folder

First you need to create a folder for your background images that you want to upload on your site, along with other HTML files. You can simplify this folder by giving it a short and simple name.

2. Move your background image in the same folder

If you already have a background image, then you can move it to the folder. You can also download an image and move it to the folder.
Note: Try to choose images with light colors and repetitive look as it looks great on a website’s background.

3. Craft a file

Once image has been saved into the designated folder, you will need to make an HTML file. You can do this easily by following the steps given below:

  • If you have Windows, then you can open the Notepad and create a new HTML file and name the file as index.html
  • If you have Mac OS X, then you can open text editor and create a new file and name the file as index.html.
  • The most suitable text editor for HTML is Atom. It is free to download text editor that is compatible with Mac, OS X, Windows, and Linux.
  • If you don’t want to work on Atom and want to use only text editor, then you can click on the “Make Plain Text” option before typing anything. With this option, you can easily upload an HTML file into your website.
  • In fact, the MS Word is not compatible with HTML because it requires prefect coding latter in the process and the former tends to insert some invisible characters itself which disturbs the entire process.

               Writing The Code

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  • Copy and paste the code (written above) in the file that you created as index.html. Now, save the code in the file and include the name of the image that you want to upload as a background in your website, along with its extensions between the parentheses offered after the background-image: url(“ “).
  • Through this, you can create a separate folder for the file. It is done because the browser always looks for the file in a specified folder. Or else, you may need to offer the entire path of the image.
  • Well, you can save the file after performing the above instructions.

Now your beautiful background image is ready to be uploaded. In case, you discover any errors when uploading the image, then you need to check that particular file and its name. Be sure you type the correct name of the background image, along with the html coding. The problems also pop up when the coding is not up to the mark or you entered unnecessary character(s).

So, be careful while creating while writing HTML codes for adding an image into your website. A proper code will help you create an eye-catching background image.


In this blog post, we have shared some useful tips for HTML codes that will help you embed a well-structured and visually engaging background image into your website.