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Huawei P Smart Gaming Performance

Huawei is one of the leading brands in the Smartphone industry across the globe. Its advanced version of smartphones has been a great example of innovation with class and performance. The functionality, design, artificial intelligence, gaming performance and improved touch detection features of Huawei android phones are not less than any iOS mobile device. One

OneLogin To The Rescue

Major Challenges to Online Security Recently, Jack Shepherd from OneLogin did an article about the importance of balance and productivity for manufacturers. This is a balance between cost effectiveness and customer security. Manufacturers have a series of challenges when it comes to identity protection for their customers. The huge digital transformation presents these two unique

Top 10 Web Developer Resources for 2018

Web developers always try to look for fresh resources and tools all the time. The fresh resources and tools can increase the quality of your work as well as make your task easier. Moreover, it helps in getting more and more customers and producing more businesses . It is well known fact that the Web

10 Best Spa Scheduling and Management Software

The spa management software is designed to fulfill the spa requirements at hotels and resorts helping the consumers to feel happier in real time. Getting feasible spa management software you can find it easier to get more users showing interest to avail spa services at your place. 10 Best Spa Management Software Here are mentioned

I-Genesys – ​Best value for the WordPress Development

I-Genesys began as a full-service traditional marketing agency seven years ago. A few years ago, they began doing ghost work for other agencies who were finding themselves to be difficult to work with overseas developers. Ghost proved to be boon and soon I-Genesys decided to shift their focus completely to supporting other agencies, designers, and

5 Lesser Known Tools That Every Designer Should Use

Being a website or a graphic designer usually requires talent and relevant educational background. But to create compelling graphics you also need to know how to use different design tools. Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Kuler are one of the top tools that probably every designer uses. But there are lesser known tools that are equally

Avoid 5 Color Schemes for Designing A Website

The things which attracts a person’s eyes, gives a soothing effect to her or his mind. Colors attract a person based on its use. Keeping this as a ‘turning point’ selection of colors makes a lot of difference, especially when it comes to designing of a Website. As a point for discussion or rather a