Top 10 Software Testing Companies 2017

If you want to improve the quality of your software product, you need to hire a reliable software testing company. Only a reputed company can provide you a powerful software testing service at the most affordable price. With thousands of options available on the market, it becomes quite difficult to choose the best solution as per your specific needs.

Here, in this blog post, we will share top 10 Software testing companies that have shown some massive growth in 2017. You can opt any of the solutions as per your estimated budget and business requirement.

1. Zymr


At Zymr, Software Quality Engineering extends beyond regular Quality Assurance to create a continuous loop of quick feedback for finding and fixing defects from the earliest stages of the software development lifecycle.

Zymr’s seasoned QE teams are engaged from project inception, and help define comprehensive and agile plans for end-to-end system testing. A particular strength at Zymr is testing software implementations, both manual and automated, in cloud environments. Every software product requires unique test scenarios and test cases specific to function. Zymr has managed multiple test scenarios, and created hundreds of test cases, for clients across North America and Europe.

2. Cigniti Technologies

cignitiSince its inception in 1998, Cigniti Technologies has become one of the most prominent software testing providers in the USA.

The Company focuses on providing quality software and also test them on a regular basis in order to meet the changing needs of the IT Industry/market. They also offer Quality Assurance, eCommerce testing, quality engineering, game testing, medical device testing and performance testing to their global clients.

3. TestFort

testfortTestFort is a well-flourished quality assurance company that specialized in rendering software testing solutions to their clients at the most reasonable price.

The in-house team of QA managers and software testers aims at offering different types of manual and automated software testing solutions, QA and QC support to the IT industry.

4. QualiTest

qualitestgroupQualiTest uses cutting-edge technologies to provide you best software testing solutions that can take your product to the next level. The experienced and dedicated team of testing experts focuses on each and every step that contributes to the high quality of the product. They know what their clients expect from them and thus offers them customized solution on time.

5. Performance Lab

performancelabusPerformance Lab is an ideal software testing company that provides multiple QA outsourcing and software testing services within an estimated budget of their clients.

The company is armed with a dedicated and enthusiastic team of testers, software developers and QA managers to offer high-quality software testing solutions.

6. Kualitatem Inc

kualitatemKualitatem was established in 2006 with the aim to offer a wide range of software testing solutions to their clients across the world.

The firm specializes in offering automation testing, performance testing, the web and mobile app testing, security management and testing, software application testing and a lot more to the IT -specific industry.

7. QAMentor

QAQAMentor believes in offering quality software products using high-end technologies and expertise. The company helps their IT clients by giving them quality QA outsourcing and software testing services according to their business needs on time and within an estimated budget.

8. Acutest

AcutestIt is an award-winning software testing agency that aims at rendering different types of software testing services to their industry-specific clients. They understand the needs of their clients, and offers them successful testing results before meeting the deadline.

9. BTC Technologies

BTCBTC Technologies holds a great experience in offering test engineering, Independent verification and validation services, software quality testing, system analysis and development services and a lot more. If you want to test your software product at the affordable price, then this solution is ideal for you.

10. CSC

CSCCSC is a leading provider of high-end IT solutions and services. They are expert in delivering Software testing services, QA outsourcing, web and mobile app testing, performance testing services and a lot more to their global clients. You can avail their services if you want to test the quality of your software product.


These are the 10 most leading QA companies that offer high-quality software testing solutions to different types and scales of industries at the most competitive price. You can pick out the most affordable and suitable solution for you from the companies listed above in this blog post. Just make sure your selected company has a robust team of testing experts and QA managers.

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