The Shocking Truth About Parallax Scrolling Effect Design

The technique of parallax scrolling web design is gaining a lot of popularity in the web development industry. Many of the website owners are using this technique with an aim to take their user-experience to the next level. In fact, web designers and developers are constantly exploring innovative ways to create an interactive and engaging websites.

Parallax is basically a web design technique that enables different components of a web page to scroll or move at different speeds when user scrolls a page. It is an advanced technique that drives the attention of site’s visitors quickly and easily.

As we know, web audience wants to see something entertaining and engaging. They want to interact with a site that has a great web design and offers a soothing web experience. And parallax scrolling effect undoubtedly a great method that combines both motion and depth to create a visual effect in a website. It usually uses layers to give 3D and moving effect that can engage a large number of web viewers.

And through this blog we will reveal the shocking truth about this web designing technique.

Here are the positives and negatives of Parallax Scrolling effect:

Plus Point: 3D effect

Parallax design has given the new and engaging way to showcase your online products. You can give a 3D animation effect to your products by rendering different scrolling behavior. This enhances the design of your site and makes your products alive when a visitor hover a mouse on them.

Minus point: Unresponsive nature

As the growing popularity of smartphones, ipads, iphones and tablets, it becomes necessary to have a mobile friendly version of a website. But the parallax design doesn’t work properly on the mobile phones –it is truly made for desktop versions.

Plus Point: Embed some sphere to your site

With the help of Parallax scrolling effect, you can easily insert sphere to the products displayed on your site.  By adding multiple components across the product and highlighting a specific sphere to every product’s image you can engage more visitors to your site.

Minus Pont: Incompatibility

Since parallax scrolling is heavy animation so it can take a longer time to load web pages. In fact, it won’t work seamlessly across all popular browsers.

Plus Point: Drive more visitors towards your site

You can engage and encourage your visitors by telling them a story via parallax scrolling. Let them begin the story by scrolling down. You can also introduce multiple levels of story with each scroll. It also enhances the design of a website and creates a curiosity among visitors to visit your site. You can showcase the effects along with some grabbing background music to engage more visitors.

Minus Point: It becomes difficult to analyze user’s data

No doubt, parallax design has made it easy for the user to interact with your site, but the design has definitely made it difficult for the site owners to collect and measure the data of their users.

In parallax scrolling, it becomes difficult to gather and analyze the user’s data and that’s why this is one of the minus points of this design.


So, before using a parallax scrolling into your site, you need to keep in mind that every web design component has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can use this web design technique to make your site more appealing and engaging, but also consider it limitations.