Smart Online Logo Design Tool

Irrespective of size of businesses, logo plays a vital role in terms of representing your brand identity. Logos are considered to be the face of any brand which symbolizes your business graphically. The logo is nothing but an image which should be simple at the same time eye catching and should introduce your brand completely. An ideal logo should be simple, distinctive, clean, and realistic which expresses intended message about your brand. While designing a logo, one must keep in mind some factors like-

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  • It has to be unique, simple and memorable.
  • It should be easily interpretable to the mass.
  • It should represent your brand or business.
  • Logo colour should match with the persona of your brand. Every colour resonates different messages or characters like Red is for Bold, attractive, lively, and sexy; White is for Peace, Clean, Pure and simple; Black is for Dominant and Powerful. So while designing a logo, colour plays a very crucial role.
  • Logo should be appropriately designed so that it can create identification for your brand easily.
  • An effective logo has an everlasting effect in people’s mind. It may last in people’s mind for a period of 10, 15 or 20 years.

Designing a logo is certainly a difficult task and need the right people or agency to design. However to save money and time, nowadays online logo designing has become a very effective and popular tool. There are lots of free online sites for effective logo designing like,,,, etc. One would get detailed guidelines and tools for designing a logo which is cost-effective, less time consuming and easier to make. These sites offer very user friendly tools for designing logos. One can easily design and customize logos through these sites by using certain tools like modifying texts, icon colours, etc.Apart from these free online packages, few sites also offer paid packages for comprehensive and smart online logo designing services, which offer more professional ways of logo designing and these also include high resolution files (jpeg, jpg, png, etc.). There are several smart ways of exploring creative ideas for logo deigning online – One can search various graphic designing sites like Deviant Art or Dribble to get more creative ideas; one can look for google images or other sites for new ideas. Moreover, one should try to avoid below points to make an appropriate logo:

  • Avoid making excessive complex logo.
  • Do not use unappealing images.
  • Logo should looks good in Black & White also.