10 Free Marketing Tools Which Every Entrepreneur Can Use

If you have just laid foundations of your business and are afraid in investing too much of your time and money then all you need to do is probably try these marketing strategies to see a real change in your business.

Choose your target audience and make sure that you don’t hesitate to sell them freebies initially. This will help you to build the credibility in the market. Remember, business is built with creative ideas rather than spending money.

Here is your list of 10 free marketing tools which you could use without having to spending heavily on marketing through other means. These simple and exquisite tools are all you need to be able to hit the targeted audience at the right place.

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Scraper can be an exquisite marketing tool as it helps you to export content to a excel sheet directly from your website. So, it can be useful in finding out the details of competitors data and using it further for research purposes. This would definitely ensure better planning of your own business and help you to make prudent decisions.


A business cannot survive without branding and logo becomes its most important aspect. You don’t need to hire a costly designer for your business. With Spaces, you are offered a multitude choice of selecting from varied fonts, frames and icons.


It helps to bridge the chasm between visitors and potential customers by helping you in creating banners which can market your content, services or products in an effective manner. You can become socially more interactive and active by using this tool.


This tool covers all the vital aspects of marketing which includes giving you an detailed insights of your business, analyzing market trends, etc. Also, you are free to create, publish and design your own surveys to get better results.


This growing freelancing platform helps you to reach out to exquisite writers who excel in providing you the best quality content. Accessing this user friendly platform is easy and you can register free without any hassles.

You get the opportunity to assign your content to the most credible writers who have a fair amount of experience of working on different types of content.


This online marketing tool helps you in email marketing. Email marketing is now a days being used for campaigning, giving out essential information to the users, spreading awareness, etc. Hence it can be a big boost to your newly established business.

You can also try out hiring writers from Contentmart to write effective emails and innovative newsletters for your targeted audience.


This is another tool which helps you to design appealing content which can grab all the attention of the audience. This creative tool won’t even require spending your money and you can enjoy the best without having to spend a single penny.

8. DUE

This is a time tracking app which is used for increasing your productivity .It is actually used for freelancers and entrepreneurs who wish to use invoicing and payment systems.


Ever wondered about connecting with multiple social media platforms on a single dashboard? Well, with buffer it is all possible with just possible and this definitely saves a lot hell of your time and effort. You don’t need to squander your time in interacting with your customers on an intensive level if you have Buffer at your disposal.


Multitasking is important if you want to run your business successfully. This is all you need to be able to manage your ideas, make notes, reports and track down your priority list and organize things well. This easy-to-use device is all you need for integrating various parts of your business. Also, it is extremely convenient to handle and use.

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Hence, in a nutshell, these are a few knacks which can only be helpful if you keep using them. No wonders can happen overnight and you might need time to learn how to use them for your own benefit. But, once you master these marketing strategies, there is no stopping you. The best part about using them is that you won’t have to spend on your hard earned money. Build your goodwill in the market before you go out to use even more intensive marketing strategies to plan out your business. You have a plethora of options around you which can help you to manage your business in better way. Keep an eye on the latest trends and strategies to stand out in the crowd among millions of other competitors. Thus, all you need to do is master these easy simple techniques to be able to make a big difference to your business.

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