OneLogin To The Rescue

Major Challenges to Online Security

Recently, Jack Shepherd from OneLogin did an article about the importance of balance and productivity for manufacturers. This is a balance between cost effectiveness and customer security. Manufacturers have a series of challenges when it comes to identity protection for their customers. The huge digital transformation presents these two unique challenges: managing permission roles, and managing the continued expanse of user access and security. When it comes to compliance, there are four integral parts that have to be addressed. These parts include: IT security, Balancing usability & security, the cost of the effects of cyber attacks, and the operational cost of identity management. It is vital for IT teams to develop management strategies when it comes to their client’s private information.

Third-party Access and Balancing Usability and Security

Users from around the world are continuously receiving access to applications, networks, and databases of different companies. This makes security complex. The number of external users is consistently growing, so companies do well to institute a system for application access information.

Security is essential, but it can also be spendy. It is wise for companies to find safe solutions that are cost-effective to connect their users to their applications. The more access that users have, the more agility that a business can achieve. If a business is weak and unprepared for a security breach, a breach may be inevitable. When a user’s credentials are compromised, it can cause severe damage to that users identity.

The Danger of Cyber Attacks and Operational Cost for Identity Theft Management

Cyber attacks are on the rise all around the world, and they cost the identity manufacturing sector around from $400,000 to $750,000 each year. Manufacturers may find themselves at a loss for how to resolve this problem because they may have to deal with the high cost of traditional security management technology in order to protect their customers personal. It is estimated that the traditional cost of security management systems for manufacturers can be up to $3.5 million yearly.

There Is a Solution

OneLogin offers manufactures a multifactor authentication system and a single sign on option. These options enable users to save time and hassle when signing on to their favorites sites, apps, networks, and databases. This single sign on or SSO and multifactor authentication or MFA stand to revolutionize the internet security sector. The single sign on feature is able to support the scale and the diversity of any user population.

This SSO system is also able to completely streamline the login process. Once an individual has signed on to their device, they do not have to worry about logging in their credentials ever again. OneLogin provides secure access to any online sign in, so customers no longer have to worry about remembering tons of different passwords. Apart from that, the OneLogin system has an authentication system that assures users that their valuable information is kept private and confidential. Once a user is able to correctly put in their credentials, they no longer have to worry about the safety of their passwords or about having to go in and out of their favorite websites. OneLogin offer an affordable and safe solution to internet identity theft.