Top 10 Beautiful Graphic Design Portfolios

A well designed web page is the first step for anyone planning to start a new business or venture. This is the first step for customers and an attractive website creates the initial impression in retaining them. Not only you need an impressive outlook for your website, you also need innovative content and design to keep up the interests of your clients.

While exploring, you will find thousands of web design portfolios, which will grab your attention. All graphic portfolios are of different size and shapes, but here I am going to tell you about 10 beautiful graphic design portfolios. For designing the best web page, you need not be a code expert, an excellent artist or a technical geek. You just need your own thoughts and imagination. If you would like to make an amazing portfolio without writing any coding, there are a number of online tools available which will just set the perfect portfolio for you!

So, here are some of the most impressive web design portfolios that are ruling the internet:

  • Ryan Scherf: Endowed with the multi talents of being a graphic designer, web developer, teacher, builder and writer, Ryan Scherf’s single page portfolio is easy to scroll through and yet highly effective.Ryan-Scherf
  • Charlotte Tang: Originally from Toronto, Charlotte’s webpage is really interactive and her designs reflect the immense passion she holds for web and graphic design.Charlotte Tang
  • Lizzie Seymour: She is well known for her charming website in which she plays with a mixture of character illustrations, installations and a little bit of coding.Lizzie Seymour
  • Bjorn Meier: Meier owns one of the most beautifully designed portfolios. You surely can’t miss out this piece of artwork which is such a treat for the eyes!Bjorn_Meier
  • Jeremy Sallee: Originally based out of France, Jeremy is well recognized for his website which you can easily scroll through using some lovely self designed mini icons.Jeremy Sallee
  • Marc Thomas: The portfolio of Mark Thomas is sophisticated, smooth and offers an awesome view with a mixture of artistic hues. Not only his font’s usage is skillfully done, even his web page maintains the same appearance across mobile and desktop devices.Marc Thomas
  • Rosie Lee: This is an online agency which deals in advertising, branding and retail design. They are well-known for their creative layout and unique blend of colors on the website.Rosie Lee
  • Studio Airport: Based out of the Netherlands, Studio Airport deals in designing graphics for airports, photography and typography. They boast one of the strongest online presences which are highly effective for their huge traffic.Studio Airport
  • Robby Leonardi: Originally from New York, this multi talented guy has his own interactive and fun design portfolios. He is an illustrator, graphic designer, animator and a front end developer.Robby Leonardi
  • Adhemas Batista: Originally of Brazilian descent, Batista is an artist and a graphic designer whose colorful and conceptual portfolio reflects his immense passion in his field.Adhemas Batista

The above list will surely inspire the designing agencies and independent designers to move forward in the correct direction.

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