Why Magento to WordPress Conversion is the Right Approach for Your Web-Based Business

Both Magento and WordPress are excellent platforms to create excellent websites and run the web-based business. Gone are the days when entrepreneurs and companies used to spend a lot of money for getting their sites build from the scratch. Today, individuals prefer websites built with Magento, WordPress, or other similar platforms.

In simple words, Magento to WordPress conversion process is the act of taking your existing Magento website to the WordPress platform. But, anyone would do that? Let’s contemplate some important reasons behind this new development in the digital landscape:

• Technical Complications

It is often said that Magento was created by a programmer for other programmers. This statement itself shows the complexity level of the Magento platform. To operate, update, customize, renovate and manage a Magento website, you need to have a strong knowledge of website building skills, SEO, and different programming language. If you don’t have the knowledge of all these skills, you will have to hire a team of professional experts that come at a great price.

With WordPress, there is no such problem. You can easily create, run, manage, renovate WordPress websites even if you don’t have the knowledge of different programming skills. It is because different WordPress plugins and themes enable you to manage all these functionalities. However, it is recommended that you should obtain the basic knowledge of SEO, PHP, HTML, CSS, and JS to be able to run WordPress websites as a professional.

• Business Volume

The ultimate goal of any web-based business is to generate revenues so that the owner can recover the invested amount and earn some extra income to lead his/her life and expand the business further. Magento is for medium and large-scale multinational business brands. Suppose you start a web-based business with a Magento website and you fail to generate sufficient income, it becomes very difficult for you to cover the website operational cost and pay salaries to different professionals. If your web-based business as a fragile progress prospect, it would be better to take your website to the WordPress platform in consultation with an IT company that provides Magento to WordPress conversion services at an affordable price tag. This will help you to cut the operational cost of your business up to a great extent and increase the profit margins significantly.

• Expensive Hardware

Magento websites demand expensive resources to perform as per your expectation, such as dedicated hosting server, a good-quality firewall, updated software (premium), bandwidth, SSL security certificates, HTTPS, etc. You can’t spend a lot of money on all these items if there is a slowdown in your business. WordPress is free for all and you just have to pay for the hosting server, WordPress developer, premium themes, and plugins (if you chose). Alternatively, you can choose free themes, plugins, a free hosting server and create an awesome WordPress website only with a little investment. This is one of the main reasons why several entrepreneurs rush to Magento to WordPress conversion to save some bucks.

• Updates

Both WordPress and Magento release important updates from time-to-time. These updates are aimed at eliminating the shortcomings of the previous versions of the software, themes, plugins, extensions, features, and functionalities, and allow users to use the update stuff to run websites easily and smoothly. It has been observed that WordPress updates are more frequent than the Magento updates.

Always keep in mind that professional hackers and cybercriminals always try to hack your website using the security loopholes. As a business person, you can’t take the risk of operating a Magento website with security loopholes.

Once your Magento E-commerce website is hacked, you not only lose your customer, but also the SEO ranking of your website, sensitive business and financial details, the lost trust of customers, business, and revenues. It is very difficult to get back the customer’s trust even if you restore your Magento website once again. WordPress offers several security plugins. You can several steps to protect your WordPress website and use the Security Plugins to increase its protection level.

• Preinstalled Blogs

Active blogging plays an important role in your website optimization efforts and helps you to increase the traffic volume, interaction level between the entrepreneurs and the audience, and generate more leads and sales in quick succession. Magento websites don’t have a preinstalled blog. You can install a blog on your Magento website using an extension, which cost you some bucks. WordPress is actually a blogging platform. So, there are chances that you can get success in WordPress blogging in an easy way and boost the business opportunities with a WordPress business website.

Final Words

Magento to WordPress conversion is gaining the momentum in today’s highly competitive business world. It allows entrepreneurs to save the website operational costs up to a great extent and increase the profit margins. If you are not able to good revenues with a Magento website, Convert Your Magento Website into WordPress ASAP with the help of an expert Professional.