How to Get Success as a Web Hosting Reseller in 2018

Webhosting industry is counted among the most beneficial industries that allow a person to earn decently and suits across different budget groups. There are huge web hosting providers with hundreds of employees and then there are one man army- affiliates or web hosting resellers. In fact, many affiliates and resellers are earning a lifestyle income without even employing a marketing team there are a number of factors that define the success. So, if you also want to be a successful hosting reseller, here are a few practical tips that you can follow:

Relevance matters

Relevance is the very first thing to be considered when you decide to start your own reseller hosting business. Depending on where you currently stand there could be different directions you ideal for you. For instance, if you already run a web related agency then it would be easier for you to sell the web hosting services to your clients instead of taking the longer and expensive route of digital marketing that also divides your attention. On the other hand, you would need to create a detailed marketing strategy if you are not already working in the website industry.

A practical Tip: Develop an ideal strategy that works

Although the industry offers a good income opportunity, the competition is high and you will have to develop a proper, practical plan before you start- Right from identifying your potential client base to designing a proper branding and selecting the saleable hosting plans.

Establish your digital workplace

Next, you need to look for establishing your own digital workplace where your clients can visit, look at your profile, select the product they require and finally buy them online. In short, you need to have a proper, professional website that not only offers the information but also allows your visitors to buy the plans digitally.

A practical Tip: Invest in quality CMS

Building a website was a difficult thing some time back and would need you to pay a hefty sum to the professionals like web developers, web designers etc. It deterred many budget-conscious people to create their own website. The things have changed now for better. You can develop your site pretty much on your own, thanks to various website building platforms with the graphical interface and zero coding. You can choose to go with a good content management system like Word Press buy the ready-made professional templates, personalize the design and start adding the content. You don’t need programming knowledge or hire any professional.

Content still is the king

After personalizing the template and giving it a streamlined look, you now need to add the content. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that content is the primary ruler of your digital empire. It defines your business, markets your services and talks about your brand. In fact, it introduces you to your online guests. In that sense content is your online representative. In that capacity, it can make o break your online reputation. So, invest carefully in your content strategy.

A Practical tip: Hire qualified freelance writers to deliver top notch content

Hire experienced freelance writers that are eligible to produce quality content. Avoid lengthy boring content and opt for short and crispy pieces that keep the visitors engaged, enlighten them and encourage conversions. In addition, your content should be SEO friendly. Apart from website content, you should have a proper strategy for blog posts as well as social media content strategy.

Take help of your acquaintances

If you are already in the web industry it would be better to market your services to the existing clients. For example, the client who is hiring you to design their website may possibly need web hosting services too n order to go live. Thus it is easier for you to sell them your reseller services rather than exploring the market for new clients. However, even if you don’t work in the web hosting industry, you can still check for the second or third-party connections who could be interested in your services.

A Practical Tip: Check if someone in your circle can help you get clients

For instance of one of your friends is a web designers or developer then it would be easier for him to introduce you to his clients who will be interested in your services. Likewise, if your neighbor is already running a word press development agency then they could be instrumental in getting you the clients. The best thing is that you get the benefit of trust and rapport that your acquaintance already share with their clients. It helps you to bypass the competition during the initial and thus crucial stage of your business.

A complimentary tip, before we sign off……Build your reputation

Once you have started the business it’s very important to gain a certain level authority. Clients judge you by your social posts, blog posts, and digital presence. So it is important to actively participate in the online industrial events, join the web hosting forums and become a member of the web hosting group on social media. Keep on adding the valuable inputs, insights and practical original das that would help your potentials clients to determine your knowledge level and make the final decision.

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Mark Andrew is a web developer with varied interests- travel, wildlife, history, art, and of course technology! He is a keen supporter of free internet and when not in the cabin, he loves to spend his time outdoors exploring the world, people, and technology.

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