List of Top 10 Most popular Programming Languages of 2015

With the enhancement of cutting-edge technologies in web development industry, it becomes necessary for web developers and programmers to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest web app development technologies. In fact, the demand for new-age smartphones and tablets is growing every day and it is becoming tough to stand at the highest position.

But, if you have thorough knowledge regarding the different programming languages, then you can give a tough competition to your competitors.

However, it is quite difficult for web developers and programmers to find out the best and most suitable language because its usability depends on its intended application.

Therefore, we bring you this blog post where we have collected the 10 most popular and useful programming languages of 2015.

1. Java

Java is one of the widely-used programming languages and every developer & programmer should learn about this language. It allows developers and programmers to write computer instructions by using English-based commands, rather than writing in numeric codes.

Plus, Java can be used for creating mobile applications, desktop applications, and for establishing Android applications on smartphones and tablets.

2. JavaScript

Next on the list is JavaScript, a programming language used to develop interactive web pages. This language supports all popular web browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

There are numerous frameworks that you can use for building highly interactive applications. In fact, you can apply JavaScript for embedding 3D animations on the web pages, loading new images and other objects on a web page and create responsive user interfaces.

3. PHP

If you are a web developer, then you should have in-depth knowledge of PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor, a robust programming language. With the use of this language, you can enhance web pages easily and quickly.

It allows you to create forms, image galleries, and username and password login pages with ease.

Overall, PHP is a valuable programming language, which is considered as the base of many robust content management systems such as WordPress.

4. C, C ++ and C#

Strengthen your knowledge by learning C, one of the great computer programming languages. If you want to set your foundations, then you need to learn this language. It allows you to build lists of instructions for a computer to follow.

C plus plus or C++ is an extension of C programming language, which is used in establishing hardware speeded games. It is a perfect language for powerful desktop software and for mobile and desktop apps.

After understanding these two languages, you need to enhance your skills by learning C# programming language. It is considered as the primary language for Microsoft applications and services. It allows you to develop different types of secure and powerful apps that can run on the .NET Framework.

With the use of this language, you can craft Windows client applications, client-server applications, XML web services and more.

5. Python

Become a top-notch web developer and programmer by learning Python, which is a great programming language that allows developers to enhance web apps, user-interfaces, data analysis and much more.

In fact, various reputed companies used this language with an objective to analyze vast data sets, and therefore many people learning this language and becoming Python programmer.

6. SQL

SQL (Structured Query Language) is an incredible programming language that is required when you want to work on databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL server, MySQL, etc. Plus, it let you manage the collected data from big databases.

7. Objective-C

If you want to build apps for iOS mobile platform, then you have to understand the concept of Objective-C language. Most of the web developers prefer this programming language as it let you apply XCode, known as authorized software development tool from Apple.  And, this allows you to develop an iOS app quickly and effortlessly.

8. Ruby

Ruby is an easy-to-learn programming language. It comes with a beautiful syntax that is simple to read and easy to write. You can apply this programming language for web programming, and therefore, it is a great selection for the new based companies and organizations.

9. Perl

Perl is a commonly-used programming language that provides specific tools for numerous obscure setbacks like system programming. It is used for extracting information from a text file, or for transforming a text file into another form.

10. Swift

Swift is a multi- standard programming language used for building applications for iOS mobile platform. It is designed to replace the Objective-C programming language. You can use this language to develop iOS apps and Apple’s MAC quickly and efficiently.

So, it will be great to learn Swift language as there is a huge demand for Apple mobile phones (iOS).

Summing up

In this blog post, we have collected the 10 most popular and powerful programming languages of 2015 that will help developers and programmers to build highly intuitive and feature rich mobile web applications.

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