A Glimpse on the Terminology and Concepts of Magento Design

Magento acts as a strong eCommerce platform whether you wish to deploy a custom built design or to work with an existing Magento theme. If you are looking forward to have influential customized features, the e-commerce open-source software is there to form a vigorous online store and its extensions. When working with Magento, it is extremely significant to have a deep knowledge of the structure and design terms for every novice.

Below are some basic guidelines which can help every novice to learn Magento techniques in order to customize the theme designs.

Hierarchy of Magento

  1. Universal: It means the worldwide Magento installation
  2. Website: Single store or a cluster of stores can share customer related information, orders and shopping carts as well.
  3. Store: Cluster of store views is known as Store. It facilitates the several stores to function under one website and set up the catalog structure individually.
  4. Store review: Store review is a part of stores. Several store reviews are present in a single store. Store reviews can be even used to symbolize the similar data in different ways.

Therefore, the following order is considered in a classic Magento hierarchy: Website, Website Stores and Store Views.

Fundamentals of Magento Design: Themes and Interfaces

Magento lays down different stores under one website. Now, we will come to know a term called Design Package, collection of different themes. The By default package with the Magento is – Basic package. Though, the Base Package name varies with the different versions. Such as – It is termed as Pro in the Pro Edition while Enterprise in the Enterprise Edition.

You can engross custom package in the Frontend directory. There can be diverse themes with your design package. Themes are the compilation of templates, skins and other files that helps to attain the structure of custom frontend. You can make a change in the structure of theme templates at any point of time.

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Magento permits you to create themes as per your requirement. Customers will have a distinct feel and look related to stores, if we will go for unique theme variations for diverse stores but functioning under one website.

Beginning with by-default design package, Magento novice can learn the method of themes editing for attaining the structure of custom frontend. Though, every module in the Magento has some unique structure in the files which are easily manageable to attain the precise structure whenever required.

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