Great Tips That Will Make You Influential In Magento

Do you know the kind of propensity that Magento has? Indeed, it is a powerful engine which can make your store run efficaciously, however you need to know that if your customer isn’t able to find what they want, then it is simply waste of time. If your website lacks any kind of user-friendliness or has a poor navigational structure, then your users will simply avoid your website. Chances are there that they might leave your store before seeing what you are offering.

Why E-Commerce Stores Need Magento?

Magento hasn’t become a need, but a necessity for online businesses, especially to fight against contenders who are competing in the same field. Now e-commerce stores need to ensure that nothing comes between their customers and products, even a poorly designed and unfriendly user interface.

Magneto – Making Your Website Responsive

Since we are progressing to the advancement in smartphone technology, it has become a necessity for business to integrate what mobile market is offering. Studies have shown that almost 75%-80% of Internet users have smartphone and statistics have shown that about 63% of users will not return back to the mobile site when they are experiencing any difficulty.

So, are you ready to lose this 63% user? To provide a clear experience for your potential customers and users is by having a responsive website which works perfectly with any tablets and mobiles. Magento is a great mobile technology and it would seriously be the worst of the features if your customers are in contact with an interface which doesn’t meet the demand of the mobile users.

Now by matching the sleek user interface with the best and intelligent eCommerce platform that Magento provides your users will become potential customers and they will get smart and seamless experience right from the beginning to end.

Understanding Your Customers Using Magento

If your online store is powered by Magento, chances are that you are sitting in the right spot. Well, it means that you are seated on the treasure trove of data related to your customers such as details of the products purchased, items present in the basket or wish list, average order value, etc.

Assigning Customer Personas With Magento

Personas are not just useful for guiding your product development strategies and content, it is more than that. With the correct data, you can easily sort the available customers into the required categories and then target your outbound cons which are simply based on your personality.

For example, if you are a fashion retailer, you might need to have two major personas, one which is consisting of single women who are fashion forward and in their early 20s and another one is women with young children who are aspiring to keep their entire family on-trend. Now by segmenting these customers based on two groups related to the personas, it becomes easy for the retailer to tailor the marketing message of each segment. Most importantly, the retailer will be using a variety of images, copy and offers for each group.

Finding Out The Best Customers

Keep in mind that not all customers are same for a business. While some might be more loyal, there can be others who are influential and valuable on social media. So, there is no harm in putting some extra efforts to impress them.

With your Magento data, you can find out who such customers are, making sure that you can reach out to them with the required message, ensuring that they remain engaged and satisfied. It is easy to identify your most valued customers. Just check out the average spends which will indicate the required information.

Now there is a lot more to keep on track and mind rather than finding out how much they are going to spend. Sometimes a customer might not be a huge spender, but surely they will be stronger advocates of your brand. Sometimes they might end up buying often which will be worth to your business.

What will be harder to find is loyal customers. Keep in mind that membership in the loyalty program of the brand won’t mean anything on its own. So, if customers are engaged in loyalty program (actively) where they are redeemed and earning points, then it is a clear indication of loyalty. Frequency and recency of the purchase are the best indicators for a brand loyalty.

One of the best aspects of using Magento is that the data which you get from Magento can provide markers related to loyalty which is based on frequency and recency of purchase. So, now if you combine this with the loyalty software tool that you have, you are bound to get a clear idea of which all customers are quite loyal to your business and brand.

Wrapping Up

Employing basic changes will contribute to the required success of any online store. Also, it will ensure that the user experience is enjoyable right from the beginning to end. So, if you are really trying to become a Magento influence, then the above guidelines are plenty enough.

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