7 Helpful Ways to Increase Traffic on Your Blog

Driving traffic towards the blog is not as easy as you think. You need to promote your blog by using the power of unique and engaging content. A blog should contain fresh and informative content, visually appealing design, user-friendly approach and top-notch user experience. All these elements together help you build traffic for your blog.

But if you want to make a profit from your blog, you need to increase the flow of traffic towards your site. You need to plan strategies to achieve the desired goals that are different for every person. Set your targeted audience, set the objective of your blog and always find out the innovative ways to promote your blog on the web.

As a blogger, you have to create, manage and promote your blog on a continuous basis if you want to generate profits from your blog. Well, there are many ways that can help you boost the flow of web traffic towards your blog.

In this blog post, we will share seven most effective ways that will promote your blog and help you drive traffic.

1.    Word of Mouth

If you want to start building traffic on your blog, then tell your friends and family members about your blog. It will increase your blog’s readership.

But before promoting your blog, spend some time creating your elevator pitch. This is a thirty-second review of what your blog is all about and how readers generate information from it.

2.    Do Comments on Other Blog

You can read other’s blog – especially those that have impressive crossover traffic. You should leave a genuine comment, along with your blog URL. It will help you build more traffic on your blog, which in turn increases your conversion.

Try to write simple, genuine and informative comment as this will allow other readers from that particular blog to visit your blog.

3.    Promotion of Other Blogs

This is an intelligent approach where you can promote other’s blogs to build traffic on your site. In this process, you link back to another blogger whose post motivated any of your posts.

Most of the blogs have trackbacks on their blog post. It means when you link someone’s blog, they will automatically get a notification regarding your link.

4.    Guest Posts

Guest Posts are an incredible way to generate web traffic towards your blog. Guest posts are all about writing interesting, informative and quality blog posts that allow your host’s readers to drive to your site.

If you want to publish a guest post on other’s site, make sure that you ask for their guidelines and always provide them fresh and unique content. Submit the best quality of content and never write it like a self-promotional blog.

5.    Build Your Email List

Building an email list is a nice way to reach out to a maximum number of web audiences across the globe. It is an incredible online marketing technique that lets you build traffic on your blog or website.

While building an email list, make sure that you embed the subscribe button in your blog. You can also create some decent freebies for your subscribers- this includes recipes book, time management guides, goal setting, etc.  In short, try to influence subscribers by offering them some nice incentives.

6.    Networking

Networking can be great for your blogging business. It lets you increase the flow of the web traffic on your blog or website. You can easily connect with other bloggers through blog conferences. It will help you drive more and more web visitors towards your blog.

7.    Search Engine Optimization

While creating content for your site or blog, make sure that you write SEO- friendly content. You can create a content that can quickly improve the ranking of your blog or site on the top of search engine platforms such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

In fact, there is a powerful Google analytics tool that will help you know how many visitors visited your blog or how much a visitor spent time on your blog post.


These are some of the great tips that will help you increase web traffic on your blog. You can follow these tips and monetize your blog without a hint of worry.