8 Great Blogs Every Beginning Blogger Needs to Follow

1.  Copyblogger

Copyblogger was founded in 2006.  The main aim of Copyblogger is using effective content marketing in order to make a good business. It is an amazing place to check out the tips on writing effective content. Moreover, you can also get knowledge about how to tie your brand to your other online methods such as SEO and social media. If you don’t have knowledge about SEO, this site will explain it to you.

2.  Blogging Wizard

Blogging Wizard is owned by Adam Connell. This is an amazing site to get a few tips on blogging. If you have an interest in the science and numbers behind a good blog, Adam will provide case studies. In the case studies, you will read the complete process of successful and not- successful blogs.

3.  Slate

Slate blog is a great place to learn about content. If you will visit the homepage of this blog, it will explain you a lot about effective titling and you can see the promotion of posts, the placement of ads, and how the photos are worked in the blog posts.

4.  DailyBlogTips

DailyBlogTips is a little cluttered, but there are lots of articles regarding everything like layout techniques, tips to monetize your blog.  If you would like to know something about the blogging, you will find many articles just by searching on DailyBlogTips.

5.  Problogger

If you would like to make money with your blog, then Problogger is a place where you can get information about it. Whether you’re launching a life coaching space or a food blog, Problogger is an amazing resource. You can check on the site good traffic sources, paid ads, as well as helpful videos if you don’t like to read.

6.  Dooce

Dooce has founded by Heather Armstrong in 2001. Armstrong was born in a small suburb of Memphis. With this blog, you can learn lots of things about blogging  and about your job to how much personal life could be included in your blog.  Moreover, Armstrong provides amazing tips on turning blogging into a career.

7.  The Bad Blogger

Note: The name uses questionable images and foul language!  You can get lots of information here about what folks just don’t want to see on the blog.

8.  Kevin Muldoon

Muldoon is a web developer and a professional blogger. Kevin Muldoon site is an amazing place to get some technical tips and also interesting tidbits on topics. Every week he publishes advice, tutorials and reviews on a range of internet marketing subjects including:

  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • WordPress
  • Affiliate marketing
  • And many more