10 Principles: Help You Make an Effective Website Design

If you are a web designer or a website owner, then know the importance of a beautifully designed website. It is a website’s design that draws the attention of web audience, and builds reputation across the web market.

Being a web designer, it is your primary responsibility to add all the necessary designing elements that can make your site more visually- engaging and interactive. As we know, a website represents your business, products and services, therefore, the design should be up to the standard that can reflect your brand, goals, and notions.

In this blog post, we will share the 10 principles that are imperative for creating a visually-appealing website.

1. Truncate Visitor’s effort by creating simple and straight website

Always try to make a simple and obvious web page.  An effective web design is what that fulfills the needs of their visitors. Therefore, it is necessary for you to set a clear purpose for your website and fulfill the particular need of your potential visitors.

In fact, you can create an interactive and visible navigation system of your site, so that visitors can smoothly switch from one web page to another, without much effort.

2. Display the website’s features in an effective way

Adding loads of advanced features doesn’t make your site perfect. For that, you need to showcase your features to your targeted visitors in an effective way.

For an example, if your website offers 5 divisions to provide access to other web pages, then you need ensure that all 5 headers are visible. You can place all the 5 headers in easy-to-read areas in your website.

3.  Try to attract viewer’s attention

If you run an online shop or e-commerce website with an objective to promote and sell your products and services to your web visitors, then you can include some discount offers. And to showcase these discount offers, you can use pop-up banners and other promotional components into your webpage to convey the message.

By doing this, you can attract the viewer’s attention quickly and efficiently.

4. Add arresting, and high-quality Content

Content is considered as the KING of a website. With the help of high-quality and engaging content, you can increase the ranking of your website. Therefore, it is imperative for you to write the content in a simple and easy-to read language.

You can break your content into digestive paragraphs. In fact, between the paragraphs you can add high resolution images to grab viewer’s interest.

5. Integrate Simple Sign up Process

Try to integrate an easy sign-up process for your users. Obviously, a user doesn’t want to waste his/her time in a sign-up process that takes a longer time to complete. So, you should keep the process as simple as possible – 4 to 5 steps on a single page are enough.

If you need to include more steps, you can arrange them in a sequence in a single page.

6. Set up a powerful communication system

While using your website as a promotional and visual communication tool, then don’t forget to make a highly- interactive content and design. A website’s design should convey your organizational message to your potential customers in an effective way. You can also use audios and videos to integrate a robust communication system with your visitors.

7. Intelligently use white space

An empty space between different elements of a website such as content, text, images, header, and footer is called white space.  It plays a significant role in your website because a proper space between the different components increases accessibility and readability of your site’s content among website’s visitors.

8.  Use of Themes

WordPress offers thousands and hundreds of eye-catchy themes for your WordPress site. So, you need to carefully choose a theme that will fulfill your website’s needs with ease. It is better to choose a theme that can enhance the beauty of your website.

9. Proper use of Images

It is important to choose the right and most suitable images for your website as it can help you establish a strong brand image across the online market. In fact, you can integrate high-quality images within your blogs to engage more and more readers.

By doing this, you can make your site more beautiful and visually-engaging.

10.  Test Early, Test Often

Just after designing a website you should run a test to determine whether the design of your site is appropriate or not. By testing early with users allows you to quickly fix the issues and you can easily deliver the desired product to your client that can fulfill their needs.