4 ways to Accelerate the Cloud-Hosted WordPress Site

Several advantages of Cloud-hosted WordPress websites encompass scalability, security, maintenance, backup and great up-time.

The development of Cloud hosting just assists the proper delivery of website to the users, does not resolve the online publishing woes. WordPress releases various regular updates and plugins, which can enormously accelerate your website if used prudently.

The popularity and success of a website are determined by the speed. The research says that mobile users discard those websites taking load time of more than two seconds.

Initially, you need to speak-up to your cloud hosting company, if your business blog or website requires more to blaze faster. The company is going to assist you with the new ideas to boost-up the website’s speed.

The performance of the website can be maximized by considering the below tips:

  • Tricks done by Caching:

A terrific fall can be seen in loading time due to caching browsers, databases, web pages and objects.

W3 Total Cache is undoubtedly the most demanding caching plugin amongst WordPress users.

Every time when the user will visit your website, Page caching permits to upload the still images of pages. This results in consuming the time while sending queries to the database and processing the code from the server side.

Browser caching permits caching multimedia content, high traffic pages and frequently visited files.

  • Enabling the gZIP Compression:

When a huge amount of data is compressed, it requires transferring from your server to a browser whenever a visitor visits your website. This compression is done through gZIP compression.

The compressed files are decompressed prior to its rendering.

Since, the data load is reduced when transferred on the Internet; this will assist to accelerate the loading time of your website.

  • CDN Loading Time Decreases Drastically

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of servers positioned in strategic spots across the world. These servers allow the proper delivery of media files to the users anywhere in the world.

The still content is cached on your website and is stored over the server network.

  • Deal with Plugins prudently:

Your site will severely slow down, in case it is overloaded with the plugins. With the streamline of the plugins, make sure to keep only updated plugins to pick-up the website’s performance.

Constant monitoring the performance of the WordPress plugins is must.


In the above blog, we have discussed about some points to consider the cloud-hosted WordPress site.