5 Effective Tips to Make a Successful WordPress Blog

tips_to_make_a_successful_wordpress_blogCreating smart, eye-catchy and impressive WordPress blog can help you hold the attention of your targeted web audience and keep them engaged. Of course, the content quality plays a crucial role, but we can’t neglect the other essential aspects that can encourage people to interact with your blog. You can reply to your loyal commenter to keep them engaged with your blog. In fact, you can also add ‘recommended for you’ section within your blog depending on specific audience’s preferences and behavior to generate more leads.

However, the potential of a blog to adapt the user’s expectations can boost the visibility of your work across the world. But do to that, you will need to understand the changing behavior of your targeted audience. In this blog post, we will cover the five powerful tips that will help you create a successful WordPress blog.

Let’s get started!

1. How You ‘Welcome’ Your Potential Readers?

An introduction of any blog can make or break the initial interest of the audience. It is always good to greet your readers if you want to build a strong presence on the web. For that, you need to create a small space in your sidebars, and write a brief welcome content, like a minimized ‘About Me’ to introduce yourself and the purpose of your blog.

You can use it as an “ad” with who views Ads and make it visible to new visitors only. Even, you can tweak it to make a ‘Welcome Back!’ message for your existing visitors. This will leave a good impression on your visitor’s mind.

2. Interact With Your Customers In Your ‘Comments’ Section

Comments are one of the key elements that can help you know how you fulfilled the expectation of your potential web visitors. They usually leave their feedback in the form of comments after reading your blog posts.

The comments can be in the form of criticism, words of praise, or even flaming reviews – this can help you improve the quality of your content for better visibility. This is a good sign and you should appreciate their actions by redirecting your new commenters to a “Thanks” page with Comment Redirect.

Once they reach there, you can offer them other options to show their appreciation by links to Like/Follow on Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest and etc.

Note: Don’t forget to moderate your comments if you want to avoid comment spam. You can also use anti-spam plugins such as WP_spamShield.

3. Know Where Your Visitors Are Coming From?

As a WordPress blogger, you always want to drive new visitors towards your blog. To increase web traffic, you need to know where the users come from. It can be a social media platform or email marketing campaign or both.

For example, if your new visitors came to your blog from, you should publish new posts that can help you attract a good chunk of Facebook traffic on your blog.

4. Appeal your visitors to stop using AdBlock

Since AdBlock allows visitors to avoid your ads, there is a good chance that you will lose a significant amount of your blog’s revenue. On the same side, the number of AdBlockers has continuously increased across the world. This is the reason why bloggers won’t be able to monetize their blog quickly and effectively.

If you want to boost your revenues, you need to appeal your visitors to stop this activity. You can also showcase a custom message “ Online Advertisement can help you pay your bills” to everyone who uses AdBlock.

5. Add Related Post

You might know the concept of adding related posts section at the bottom of a blog post or article- this gives reasons to browse related posts of your site without any distraction.

This technique will help you nurture engagement by giving your visitors a way to read the desired content on your site on the fly.


These are some of the key tips that will help you make your WordPress blog a success and let you generate increased sales and revenues by engaging more and more visitors to your blog.