10 Most Impressive PHP Libraries for Sending HTTP Requests

HTTP is a protocol that enables for sending documents back and forward over the World Wide Web. Basically, a protocol is a series of rules used to determine which message can be transmitted and which messages are suitable replies to others. In fact, POP3 protocol is used to fetch emails on your hard drive with ease.

Well, there are loads of ways that you can utilize to perform several activities related to Http requests. Most of developers may have heard about cURL library that is enables on most of the servers and the HTTP Request is one of the powerful classes used to send requests easily and efficiently.

In this blog post, we will explore the 10 most impressive PHP libraries that can be utilized to send HTTP requests with ease. With the help of PHP Libraries, you will be able to streamline your tasks. Let us overview the top 10 PHP libraries:

1. Guzzleguzzle

  • Guzzle makes it simple to send HTTP requests and the redundancy out of developing web service clients.
  • It is a framework that includes tools needed for creating a strong web service client, such as Service reports for outlining all the inputs & outputs of an API, Resource iterators for traversing paginated resources and more.

2. RequestsRequests PHP library

  • Requests is a straightforward PHP library that make a use of cURl and provides an impeccable API.
  • It allows you to send POST, Delete UPDATE, PUT, HEAD, and PATCH HTTP requests.
  • You can easily add Multipart files, headers, form data and parameters.


  • PHP PVR allows you to record your HTTP interactions in your tests and reply them all via upcoming test runs for instant, comparative and accurate tests.
  • It automatically records and replays HTTP(s) communications with basic setup. In fact, you don’t need to modify your production code.

4. Httpfulhttp

  • Httpful is an easy-to-read PHP library designed to make speaking HTTP well-organized.
  • It enables the developer to focus on integrating with APIs, rather than choosing through curl set_opt pages.
  • It is an incredible PHP REST client that offers some of the stunning features such as custom headers, client side certificate auth, request templates and much more.

5. GoutteGoutte

  • It is a simple PHP library used for screen scraping.
  • It includes an excellent API to crawl and obtain data from HTML responses.

6. BuzzBuzz

Buzz is a lightweight PHP library used to save and re-store data that is well-suited for the newbie with an objective to learn more about the working of HTTP clients in an easy way.

7. Simple Http ClientSimple Http Client

Simple Http Client is a useful PHP library used to create simple HTTP requests from PHP code and is user-oriented like open source software under the MIT License.

8. UnirestUnirest

  • Unirest is a straightforward HTTP Request Client Libraries for a wide range of languages such as PHP, Python, Objective-C, Python and Java.
  • It also supports POST, UPDATE, DELETE, GET, PUT operations.

9. Buzz React

It is a lightweight HTTP client for simultaneously cooperating with various HTTP servers, fetching URLs, downloading files, following redirects, talking to RESTful APIs and more.

10. Http ClientHttpClient

This has been developed in PHP only and doesn’t use cURL or any other external libraries.


Today, we have explored the top 10 PHP Libraries that can quickly and easily send HTTP Requests.