Hand-Coding Vs Automated Coding for Pixel Perfect PSD to HTML Conversion

In the context of pixel-perfect PSD to HTML conversion, there is always confusion between automated coding and hand-coding. Which is better coding for pixel perfect PSD to HTML conversion – human coding or automated coding? Many individuals say that advanced technology plays an important role in today’s world and human needs it to do numerous things. On the other hand, some website developers tell that human has made technology in order to streamline some procedures and also machines worth nothing without human.Below pointers will help you to do a comparative study of both hand-coding and automated coding:

Issue of Accuracy:

In automated coding, lack of aesthetic value and accuracy has been outlined in order to convert PSD files into HTML language. So, usually developers opt for hand-coding option to transfer the PSD files into perfect html code language because this method provides assured SEO semantics and compatibility with all web browsers.

High Quality Coding:

A client would prefer a web developer who provides the best possible website into html language. For this, he or she may opt for a developer proficient in hand-coding because it assures the highest possible quality of PSD to HTML conversion whose automated coding cannot match.


While a client decides to create a website and hires a developer, pocket –friendly budget is the first thing he looks upon. When compared to hand-coding, automated coding is a very cost-effective method of PSD to HTML conversion and works in regular websites. But, when it comes to a major project, usually hand-coding is preferred by both clients and developers.


For a developer, it is essential that he/she converts the PSD files of the respective website into html code as early as possible. In this case, automated coding method is preferable as it is fast and saves time which is a contrary case when it comes to hand-coding method.

Too many risks:

The hand-coding of Pixel Perfect PSD conversion through XHTML developer ascertain for clean, error-less, table-less and easy-to-read codes whereas the majority of automated hand coding software failed to give it.

Now, after going through the comparison, you can conclude that the stiff competition between technology and human for ‘superiority’ will never end. While a person with less knowledge of PSD to HTML conversion will opt for the automated way of coding, the person with good knowledge and requiring highest possible quality of coding will go for the hand-coding way. It generally depends on the business needs, budget and expected quality on individualistic requirements.

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