Gmail’s Responsive Email Design Update Feature

Since the inception of Email in 1972, nobody (web designers) has taken the initiative to revamp the outdated features of it to make it compatible with modern-age requirements. The layout in email is still controlled with HTML tables.

But this will about to change because Google has recently announced a major update to enable responsive email design. The update will allow Gmail to cover multiple platforms, such as web desktop, iOS, and Android. Basically, there will be two new updates:

  • First, Gmail’s clients will now support CSS media queries, and
  • Gmail’s clients will now support third party style sheets.

Although all media queries won’t be supported, email designers are settled on three key media queries: width, resolution, and rotation. All these media queries are selected based on their value in encouraging responsive design.

However, the benefits of media queries have overshadowed the other significant update – external style sheets. It means CSS styles now no need to be inline, which will drastically reduce the size of your sent emails. So, the Gmail’s new update will bring more advanced features to their email clients. These features will make Gmail one of the most advanced email platforms on the web.

Note: The responsive email design update to Gmail clients will roll out across the world by the end of the September.