Best Way to Customize WordPress Admin as Per your Needs

The latest version of WordPress underwent a dramatic change in style and design of the admin dashboard. The entire dashboard looks more modern and clean and allows the user to change the color of the admin panel as per the user requirements. However, in spite of these design changes, there is very little limit to the customization options. Like the rest of the WordPress, the dashboard also undergoes development change on a regular basis. But, in case you are interested to make some significant changes, you can do so now. And for this entire thing to happen, all you need is one plugin.

WP Admin UI Customize Plugin

With this plugin, you can change the number of items available on the admin dashboard of your website. For all those website owners, who have multiple authors on the site, they need to allow the site admin complete access to everything in your WordPress dashboard. However, now with this new plugin, you can limit the access of the user. You get to decide what one each user can see, access and do in the site. This plugin works best under two circumstances but you can modify the role of other users too.

How To Configure The Plugin?

Once you have installed the plugin, you need to activate it so that you can use it in a seamless fashion. You now have a new sidebar menu with various settings for configuration. In the first page of the settings section, you get to get what role you wish to assign all your settings to. With the premium plugin option, you get to decide the role of each user in a different fashion. However, in case you only need site admin and contributors then the free version is enough. There is no need to buy the premium one.

Site Settings Detail

With the site settings you get to decide various things. You can decide whether the admin bar will be shown in the menu or the various Meta fields will be displayed on the menu bar. You can leave it to the default settings as there is hardly any change that you would like to incorporate. However, in case you wish to make any changes you can go ahead and do it easily without much hassle. It is really very simple and easy to implement.

General Screen Settings

Here you get to decided on the user role. You get to decide that when the customization is implemented whether you will be notified about the updates that need to be applied. You get to decide whether the user will be able to alter the screen options or just view the help tab on the admin page or add information to the footer or go ahead and add additional load information to the CSS files. In short, you get to decide what will be the role of each user in detail. Really cool isn’t it?

Screen Options

With the screen options tab you can hide various items on the dashboard. In other words, you get to decide which user will be able to see hat and those user will never know what other features are there on the dashboard admin. In other words, you get to control who can see what has been posted in Recent Comments section, WordPress Stats or any other dashboard widget. This is really useful especially when you want the writers to access only those segments that they have to write on.

Menu Bar + Side Menu Settings

With this setting, you can completely change the admin bar at the top of the screen. You can also add other features as per your personal preference. While with the side menu settings change the sidebar in your admin dashboard. You can also hide the side menu with regard to each user’s accessibility.

Manage Meta Box Settings

You can customize various aspects of post creation like the format, feature image which you can hide as per the user. You can also rename each of these areas as per your need.

Navigation Menu Settings

In case you don’t want any user to change the navigation menu of the website you can use this setting to make the necessary changes.

Login Page

With this setting you can change the logo title and add additional load to the CSS as well as the footer of the page. You get to change the image path as well.

Go Ahead And Make The Changes Today

With WP Admin UI Customize Multiple Add On plugin you get to change the admin panel of your WordPress dashboard as per your need and requirement. In short for a clean and great working experience this plugin is really cool and effective. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make the changes today.

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