5 Web Design Trends that Will Rule in 2016

What do you mean by Web Design?

Web design is an art that covers the technical know how and discipline of designing, producing and maintaining websites. There are several kinds of web designs- Designing the web graphics, designing the interface, authoring the content, including standard codes and authorized software, designing the user interface and optimizing search engines. Usually several individuals work as parts of different teams covering specific aspects of the design process. The term “web design” generally defines that part of the design procedure involving the client side. But it also includes “web engineering” and “web development”. Web designers are hence expected to have a working knowledge of “web usability” as well as “web accessibility” technologies.

Web Design Trends that will rule in 2016

The online platform has been exhibiting changes at a breakneck speed since the last few years. And with that different web design technologies have been developed to compete with each other in order to survive in this space of cut throat competition. Several web design trends have emerged and we shall be listing five major ones that are expected to rule cyberspace in 2016.

  • Images in the backdrop creating a striking impression on the user: Several websites have now come up with the concept of introducing full- size images at the background coupled with striking videos complementing the content. This type of design is often accompanied by large fonts and parallax effects to have a more lasting impact on the viewer.Impressive Background Images
  • Scalable Vector Graphics: Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG is a type of format used for uploading images. This is the most preferred format since it loads fast and can be animated effortlessly. Moreover considering the variety of devices used nowadays, ranging from mobiles of all sizes to desktops and laptops, this format is convenient as it is compatible and appears great on any kind of gadget.
  • Usage of large fonts: The present trend today is to use larger fonts for websites. The typography used to design websites should be large so that they are easily visible, the readers can focus on the main content and the message is clear and crisp. It’s a great visual trick since it creates a more striking and instant effect.Large Font
  • Designing on one single page: With the usage of more mobile devices, the present trend is to include all the significant information on one page. Users find it cumbersome to navigate across several pages to gather bits of information. Single page content makes it convenient to read and the user interface simpler.One Page Designs
  • Minimum content: One of the upcoming trends is to include minimum content on the websites. Too many images, sidebars, navigation panes and headers can render a layman user confused. Best is to make the information as brief as possible along with simple images, thus doing away with the unnecessary clutter of excessive information.

Things to know about web design trends

The above are just a few of the emerging trends in web design. Responsive web design has seen a surge in popularity because of the movement towards making apps more mobile friendly. However, one shouldn’t go for a technology just because it is the “thing to do” at the moment. They become popular for their benefits, but one should look into their users as well. For example, for an ecommerce webpage, the one page navigation might not be at all convenient.  Trends are there to help you as tools in your design kit. You should know to use the right one at the right time! So make your best choice!