Great HTML5 Tools for Website Designers

HTML5 is a true blessing for today’s web designers, making the web designing flawlessly simple and elegant. Online HTML5 is liable to accelerate the work of designers. Check out the best HTML5 tools:

1. Adobe Edge Animate:

Designers make use of this great tool for developing extremely advanced HTML5 based interactive animations especially for digital publishing. This affluent media tool perfectly works on many web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. It also works remarkably well whether it is iOS or Android.

2. Liveweave:

Liveweave, with intuitive context sensitive auto compilation of both HTML (other latest versions) and CSS2 (other latest versions) is another fantastic tool for HTML5. The designers have to simply work on the tags and constituents of HTML5 and CSS3.

3. HTML KickStart:

It name only implies, KickStart is a way out to make the work of developers much more straightforward and effortless. They consists a set of CSS, HTML, jQuery files, constituents and outline with ultra-lean formation, which offers a nice start to your project. Once the package moves to the root of web development, this tool is ready-to-use and thereby does not need any configuration settings.

4. HTML5 Reset:

HTML5 Reset tool allows the developers with the ability to reset the clock in order to acquire the website designs and even edit those designs.

5. FontDragr:

This tool permits the users to analyze the custom fonts devoid of CSS coding. You just require using simple drag and dropping option.

6. Modernizr:

It is a type of JavaScript library, which aims at a meticulous browser and creates a more definite website. It is suitable for every major mobile platform and supports many browsers like Chrome, Safari+, Firefox 3.5, Opera 9.6+, etc.

7. Crosswalk:

One can make use of this tool to bring out the HTML content to Android. This tool supports Android and Tizen, being most appropriate for mobile devices.