Arrival of New Version: WordPress 4.5 targeted to Release in Mid-April

WordPress is all set to release its latest version i.e. WordPress 4.5 by the second week of April 2016. A new version of WordPress is targeted to release on 12th or 16th April 2016. The development team of WordPress has already released the Beta 1, Beta 2, Beta 3, and Beta 4 that one can download for testing purposes (Download the beta here).

In fact, the WordPress development team made more than 45 changes since the release of Beta 4. However, due to millions of users, and thousands of themes and plugins, it becomes quite difficult to execute everything perfectly. But most of the users and developers have constantly been following the WordPress 4.5 beta versions to check the features and functionality of this new version.

If you have not tested WordPress 4.5 yet, then this is the final call. To run a test, you can make a use of WordPress Beta Tester plugin or also download the release candidate in the zip form.

Go on and check out what you can expect from this latest WordPress version.

WordPress core developer, Mike Schroder is the release lead for this new WP version. Mel Choyce and Adam Silverstein are the two other release deputies who will assist Mike Schorder. Adam Silverstein will assist as the release deputy while Mel Choyce will support as the design deputy for WordPress 4.5.

But before the final launch, it is recommended to developers to please test your plugins and themes against this latest WordPress 4.5 version and update your plugin’s Tested up to the version in the readme to 4.5. In case you find compatibility issues, don’t forget to mention it in the support forums.

All the Best!