Top 10 jQuery Lazy Load Plugins

Lazy loading of images is a method which defers images loading on the web page until it becomes visible on the screen. It is very useful as it allows to improve the load time of pages and improves the user experience. With jQuery Lazy Load plugins, you may play with css load images, call ajax, can resize images and play with SVG images many other things.

In this blog, we will explain top ten amazing jQuery plugins for lazy videos and images loading, which are easy to use and lightweight.

1.    Stalactite

Stalactite can easily sort all kinds of content and it is diligent about iframes, videos, and images,  making sure to load all media before checking ideal heights and widths.

2.   jQuery Smartify

This amazing plugin plays vital role with css classes, calls Ajax, loads images on demand, while element becoming visible in the Viewport of the device. jQuery Smartify is the replacement of jQuery Lazyload.

3.    Colorify

This plugin is a script which is written in Javascript. It enables you to extract colors from images, and execute them. From a beautiful gradient which depends on the image edges colors to simple plain color based on the dominant color, this amazing plugin will provide great look and designs .


  • Load image dynamically
  • Build a Lazy-Revealer system for the images
  • Extract the dominant color from the image
  • Isolate colors and executes the same everywhere on the page
  • Create amazing gradients based on the images colors

4.    Lazy Loader

It is an ideal plugin in order to show long pages of contents, such as pictures of a gallery or blog. It shows items from a database or a json file. It is also compatible with Isotope Plugin to sort layouts, filter and display.

5.    EsKju jQuery lazyLoading

This is a tool for content loading in a Facebook-type style.

Amazing Features:

  • Uses CSS3 transitions by default
  • Highly compatible
  • Supersedes dowdy paginations
  • Customizable through settings and CSS

6.   bLazy

bLazy is a multi-serving image and lightweight lazy loading script. This plugin doesn’t have any dependencies for the third party libraries such as jQuery. It is compatible with all modern browsers such as IE7+.


  • It may serve retina images on the retina devices.
  • It can lazy load all kinds of images such as background images.
  • It is utilized on big websites with lots of monthly visitors so bLazy has been tested out in the world.
  • It may lazy load images which rely on screen size.
  • This plugin is written in JavaScript

7.    picoSlides

It is a kind of plugin for embedding SlideSharepresentations without utilizing the  IFRAMEs. It grips SlideShare’s oEmbed API in order to give an amazing interface which allows greater use of slide navigation and bandwidth.


  • Adaptive slide images
  • Lazy slide loading

8.    lazyYT

It is a plugin for lazy Youtube loading videos. The div will be affixed by a preview image of the video. The preview image may be changed by the autoplaying iframe Youtube video on click on the image.

9.    BttrLazyLoading

It is a plugin which enables your web application to just load images in the viewport. It have also  enable an unique version of an image for four screen sizes.

In order to show Retina images, it uses a naming convention @2x when the option is enabled. It is a completely customizable to suit all kinds of requirements.

10.    LazyLinePainter

It is a plugin which is used for path animation by using the Raphaël Library. Firstly, you need to export your line art from Illustrator as a .SVG, Ensure there are No closed paths, no fills – Line needs a Crop Artboard nice and tight, start and end.