7 Most Trending Design Practices for WordPress Developers

Visually-aesthetic websites don’t just happen by accident, you need to keep the best web design practices in mind while designing or developing your site. As a wordpress developer, you have to understand the most trending web designing tactics that will take your site to the next level.

As we all know that web design is one of the crucial aspects that can determine the success of a site, so you need to make the most out of it and make the best choices, without the assistance of a hardcore web designer. However, it is quite difficult to inherit web designing practices in mind, especially when you to manage each and every aspect of your site – from developing to the launching of a site.

To help you create the most beautiful wordpress site, I bring you the list of 7 most striking web design practices for you, without any coding. Oh! I know you love coding, but sometimes it is better to achieve the goals, without any heavy lifting – this saves both time and money.

The following web designing practices can be used  by a wordpress developer to improve the quality of their site in a quick and easy way.

1. Update Yourself with Current Web Design Trends

A beautiful web design plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall performance of a site, and also more organic traffic. However, the taste and preferences of web audience keep on changing, and to meet their needs, you have to keep yourself updated with the latest or running web design trends. You can search for the most striking trends available across the web to stay current.

One of the most common web design trends these days is Parallax Scrolling. It is an amazing web design technique where background images move in a slower motion than foreground images – this gives the two-dimensional illusion to the images.

Apart from this, the material design is also the in-vogue web design trend in the web development industry. It is concentrated on rendering a seamless design experience across multiple platforms.

On the other side, card based design (take an example of the Pinterest site) is also getting popular among web designers and front-end developers. Cards are the little rectangle box that includes beautiful images and text that act as entry points to more comprehensive information.

2. Make Your Content Accessible

Nothing can be worst than seeing your visitors leaving your site just after accessing to it. Web visitors make quick decisions about whether they want to stay on your site or not. This can drastically increase the bounce rate of your site and also reduce its revenues.

To solve this problem, it becomes necessary for you to create an appealing, informative and well-structured content that can encourage people to explore more on your site, without any distraction. Also, keep the navigation functionality of your site friendly – as it can give rich and seamless user experience to your web visitors.

3. Responsive Web Design

In the mobile-first world, it becomes imperative for every web designer or developer to stick with the responsive design while creating a website. A responsive design is undoubtedly the most trending web design practice that can make your site compatible with multiple devices, including a desktop computer, laptop, tablets, and smartphones.

A mobile-friendly site allows targeted visitors to access the site via different mobile platforms and screen sizes.  In fact, users want sites and apps to display and run smoothly across multiple devices. As a developer, you have to provide a seamless experience to both your desktop and mobile visitors.

4. Use of WhiteSpace

Whitespace plays a key role in determining the accessibility of  your site. As a developer, you should properly use the whitespace in between your texts, images, call-to-action buttons, icons, etc. This can make your site’s content accessible and readable.

Proper spacing between the different elements on a web page gives incredible reading experience to the web visitors. It enables them to focus on the essential part of your web page, without any distraction.

In short, white space enhances the accessibility of your content and encourages visitors to stay longer on your site.

5. Create User-Friendly Forms

Web visitors don’t want to waste their precious time in filling complex forms on your site. No doubt, a contact or registration form is an incredible way to interact with users, but sometimes things go in an adverse direction.

Instead of creating complicated forms, you should concentrate on simple, intuitive and interactive forms that allow visitors to fill the form instantly. In fact, a stylish and user-friendly form can enhance the overall design profile of your web pages.

6. Use of Fonts

Fonts are one of the key elements of web design that can take the design of your site to the higher level. There are tons of fonts available on the web that can fulfill your desired needs in no time. But choosing the most relevant one becomes necessary when it comes to the brand and unique online presence.

Fortunately, browser support for web fonts, so you just need to take out some time and choose the perfect typography for your site.

A beautiful and attractive font encourages the visitors to read the content and allow them to stay longer on your site.

Note: You can choose simple,elegant and clear font to make your content more impressive and expressive.

7. Build Intriguing 404 Error Pages

How will you tackle the situation when your visitors will see “page not found” message instead of your site? Of course, you don’t want visitors to leave your site and never come back. Therefore, it is important to create a beautiful error page to convey that your site is in under control and will come back soon.

For that, you need to create an intriguing error page that can reassure visitors that everything is fine and things will be sorted soon. You can use the best wordpress plugin to build custom 404 page, without any coding. If you love coding, then you can create your own 404 page as per your requirement.


A well-designed website always has a potential to encourage more and more visitors. With the help of these useful web design practices, you can create a beautiful, interactive and robust website with ease. As a wordpress developer, you can get your hands dirty in coding while designing your site for your potential web visitors.