Top 10 Angular UI Element Directives for Bootstrap

Earlier building a website required a lots of concentration, patience and time. Now a day, with a  lots of new frameworks, languages, processes and technologies, creating a responsive site has become less burdening and simple to the web developers. The designing part is a very vital aspect. Choosing the best framework plays a vital role.

During your project development, Angular UI Element directives may save your precious time. It provides amazing elements like overlays, scrolls, switches and other navigation bars which are not available in Bootstrap. It is incorporated with amazing libraries like overthrow.js in order to perform faster for a better user experience. The good thing about this Angular UI is that it keeps all Bootstrap syntax that allows an efficient and quicker conversion of mobile app to the web app.

Directives are a great tool which lets you make new HTML tags, or supercharge existing tags with features. It enables you to make custom HTML components. It can be elements, classes or attributes. With the use of this  elements, you will be able to make modular UI components for web applications. In this post, you will know about the comprehensive list of 10 Angular UI Element Directives for Bootstrap.

1.    Tree directive

The directive, which makes a Tree based on a Bootstrap “nav” list. The tree is only a Bootstrap “nav” list, with little changes such as:

  • During collapse / expand, Angular CSS animations are utilized
  • Collapse / expand icons are added
  • Indentation is added

2.    Lightbox

Whenever this element is opened, navigating to the next or previous image may be attained by swiping to the right / left, clicking the right / left arrow keys, or clicking buttons above the image. For closing the modal, the escape key is bound by AngularUI Bootstrap.

3.    Bootstrap 3 Icon Picker

This amazing plugin is used to execute in AngularJS.

4.    Switch

Moreover, Angular UI Element directive for the bootstrap-switch!

5.    Slider

Slider has zero test coverage, but this plugin is registered on bower as an angular-bootstrap-slider. You only need to add slider.js and utilize the ui.bootstrap-slider package. Plus, you may have to add bootstrap-sliders JS and CSS.


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6.    Off canvas

These menus are positioned viewport and slide in when activated. If you want to set up these layout, then it is a totally easy.

7.    AutoFields

With repetitive form html, one can ignore bloating one’s templates. With a schema object and the model, you can automatically create fields and tie them to an object.

8.    Placeholders

It is a JavaScript polyfill. This plugin is lightweight and it works in any browser as it has no dependencies. The Angular UI Element directive is used to extend placeholders which simply mix with Bootstrap form fields.

9.    Formly

This library is a template for angular-formly that includes templates to bootstrap. Every field is rolled into a div. It requires an angular-formly to be loaded and present.

10.    Datetime picker

Angular UI Element directive to use a time and date picker as a dropdown from the input!

With the use of Angular UI element, you may easily build custom made components, develop fine attributes as well as change the color of the whole site with a bit adjustment. I hope, the above mentioned list will be helpful for you!

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